Wiezenbock All Grain

This weekend I did my first all grain without a kit. I made a wiezenbock that is going to be fairly dark with chocolate malt. Over the break I bought a lot of equipment to improve my brewing. This is the first time I used a stir starter for my yeast which I will need to start using because I am doing a high gravity beer for the first time. I was given a mill by my grandparents for Christmas so I used that for the first time with this brew. I think I will have to start milling the grain the night before to save me a bit of time on brew day.

On brew day there were winds and snow that almost made me have to stop brewing. I moved my burner into the garage with the door open to keep me out of the wind and the cold which worked out really well. I mashed the 11lbs of grains at 154 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour and used 170 degree sparge water. I got a new mash tun from my dad for Christmas that worked really well for this bigger beer. I boiled for one hour adding an ounce of US Hallertau hops. At the end of the boil it was not difficult to bring my wort down to 70 degrees because it was just so cold outside. I used a new set up for storing my brew. I now keep my fermentation bucket in a large pot filled with water and use an aquarium heater to keep the water at temp. There was some fairly violent fermentation the first two days. The lid on my bucket blew off but the larger pot kept everything contained and stopped me from having a mess. The original gravity was around 1.083 so this should be a fairly high alcohol beer, hopefully it goes well with the low IBUs and sweet orange peels I plan on adding in secondary.


Mash Ingredients

8 lbs Best Malz Munich Malt
8 lbs Muntons Wheat Malt
1 lbs Briess 2-Row Chocolate


1 oz US Hallertau (60 min)


Belgian Ale Yeast

O. G. 1.083

IBU 14

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