All Grain American Wheat Secondary

I took a little time this morning to transfer my first all grain brew to secondary.  It is so much faster to finish up with what I have to do with my brew when I don’t have to bottle.  When I was cleaning everything this morning my thermometer cracked.  Luckily it looked like just the weight cracked so I cleaned up and didn’t have to worry about the thermometer liquid making a mess.  I had a surprisingly low specific gravity when I measured it, and I am not sure what caused it.  I hope it doesn’t effect the quality of my brew, but I figure this brew is just about learning and not necessarily quality.  If my specific gravity is right I will end up with almost 5% ABV which isn’t bad for me.

Original Specific Gravity: 1.035

Current Specific Gravity: 1.005

AVB: 4.8%


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