First All Grain Brew American Wheat

I did my first all grain brew this week.  It was an American Wheat from NorthernBrewer.  This was definitely not my smoothest brew but I did learned a lot.  This was the first time I used my homemade mash tun and my new burner so I had to get into the swing of using those.  It was also my first brew since the end of last semester.

I heated my mash water and added my grains to my mash tun and closed it up for fifteen minutes.  After the fifteen minutes were up I opened it up to make sure it was holding temperature, but I guess I must have lost too much heat when first adding the grains so I had to add some more hot water to bring the temp up to 152 F.  I had a terrible time figuring out how to get the burner running properly because the instructions were really unclear but after a bit of googling it was up and running.  The burner threw a wrench into my operation and my grains stayed in the mash tun for two hours rather than the one hour I was shooting for.  When I finally got my burner working I heated my sparge water to 175 F and drained my extract into my new nine gallon aluminum brew pot.  The whole time I was outside using my new burner it had been raining lightly off and on.

Once I got my brew outside and to a boil the rain started up again and kept raining for the full hour I was out there boiling.  At the start of the boil I added 1 oz Willamette hops and in the last five minutes I added 1 oz of Cascade hops.  It took forever to cool my wort down to just 90 F.  I had it sitting in an ice bath and was running that ice water through it with my wort chiller.  I think my main problem with cooling it was there was no circulation so my wort at the bottom would cool but the top where all the hot liquid would sit wasn’t cooling at all, so hopefully next brew circulating the wort will help it cool faster.  Once it dropped to 90 F I added Safale US-05 Ale Yeast even though it wanted to be down at 75 F, but I couldn’t wait any long because I had to get to class.

My original Specific gravity was around 1.035 which is lower than the 1.043 the recipe said I would have but all things considered it could have been a lot worse.  Hopefully I will end up with around 4.5% ABV.  My IBU should be around 25 when all said and done I believe.  If all goes well I will have my first batch of all grain brew drinkable in four weeks, but if it doesn’t I will at least have learned about the all grain process and do a better job when I brew my Smashing Pumpkin ale from NorthernBrewer in around two weeks.

American Wheat Beer

Mash Ingredients

  • 4 lbs Rahr White Wheat malt
  • 4 Lbs Rahr 2-row Pale


  • 1 oz Whilliamette (60 min)
  • 1 oz Cascade (5 min)

O. G. 1.035

IBU 25


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