Brew 3 Orange American Wheat

For my first brew not using a kit I am making an Orange American Wheat. It was very similar to the American Wheat I brewed but I added two oranges worth of zest at primary.  My brew used two cans of wheat extract, cascade hops, and I am trying out white lab’s hefeweizen yeast.  I cooled the wort to 85 degrees and took an initial specific gravity of 1.045 when I added the yeast, then added the orange zest.  This is my first time playing around with not using a kit so hopefully it will turn out well.  I am looking into doing a full grain brew in the near future, hopefully by the end of the semester.



4 thoughts on “Brew 3 Orange American Wheat

  1. I’ve been looking into different ways people add citrus peel to beers. Let us know how this turns out. Also what yeast are you using? 85 degrees is going to be pretty high for most varieties, I hope you can get the temp down to the low 70s for fermentation.

    • KristopherHough says:

      I am using white lab hefeweizen yeast. Adding the yeast at 85 is more of a convenience thing. I am worry about letting it cool too long open to the world where wild yeast and other contaminates can get into it. After over an hour of cooling it was only down to 85 and I didn’t want to chance leaving it much longer. One of my next projects is to build a wort chiller which should alleviate the cooling problem.

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